This was a styled shoot by White Ash Photography with the lovely Anna Malahoff as our model. With the Whitsunday’s as our backdrop to this photoshoot at Villa Botanica, I desired a look that would not only look elegant but effortless.

Brides on their wedding day need to look like the enhanced version of themselves.  Most Brides like to feel comfortable and aspire to a look that enhances their own natural beauty and yet remain timeless.

I knew Anna’s striking blue eyes would stand out beautifully with the earthy tones from Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.  I began with a Youngblood Primer, which helps to prep the skin and create a lovely base for the Airbrush foundation.

I usually begin with the eye makeup first.  I prepped the eyelids with Youngblood concealer in medium and lightly powdered with Youngblood pressed powder “warm beige”.  By doing this it helps the eye shadow to last longer and also absorbs some of the natural oils from the eye lids.  I began with accentuating the crease in her eye to define the natural shape of her eyes – I used a matte shadow “buck” and then “naked” over the mobile lid – this provided my base allowing me to blend my darker shadows.  I used “hustle” inside the outer crease and towards the outer corner.  As this was a styled shoot I used some darker chocolate shades from my “Evolve Brow” palette, to give depth and definition.  I used “toasted” all over the mobile lid – this colour provided the pop that I was looking for to help emphasise her eyes.

I applied my favourite black gel liner from Youngblood “eclipse” along the upper lash line accentuating the natural shape of the eye.

I used Element2 Airbrush make up and airbrushed her face and neck, she already had a lovely tan, which this blended well with.  I highlighted and contoured her face using the element2 foundation bronzers and highlighters.

I then shaped her brows using Youngblood brow artiste in dark, using a combination of both shades in this palette.

Lastly I like to apply a waterproof mascara and then add individual lashes, which ultimately complete the look.

I would recommend that all brides choose some form of lashes, they help to create fullness and length to the lashes, which in turn opens up the eyes.


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