Microfibre Re-usable Makeup Pads


2 Pack Microfibre Makeup Pads – Nude/White

Take off all Makeup including waterproof mascara and lip stains!
* Vegan Friendly
* Paraben Free
* Sulphate Free
* Fragrance Free


Directions for Use:

Just Add Water
Soak your Silk Make-Up Remover Pad in water (cold or warm) and keep it wet while squeezing excess water

Remove Make-Up
Gently rub the Silk Make-Up Remover Pad on your face to remove make-up. Please rehydrate (with water) your Silk Make-Up Remover Pad to remove make-up from sensitive areas like the eyes

Wash and Rinse
Wash your Silk Make-Up Remover Pad with whites/light colours. It can be washed around 200 times.

Please do not use fabric conditioner when washing as it destroys the effectiveness of the Silk Make-Up Remover pads fibers