Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap – Nude


A simple way to take the hassle out of drying hair.

Great for all hair types, excellent for maintaining moisture in dry and curly hair


Silk’s Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap has been designed to gently wrap around the hair after washing to effectively absorb water without neglecting hair health.

66 cm long, 23cm widest part at the top, 9 cm bottom , 0.08 kilos weight

* Effectively absorbs water
* Delicate on hair
* Minimizes hair friction that can lead to hair damage
* Helps to decrease hair frizz and fly aways
* Provides a faster drying time compared with ordinary cotton towels
* Easy to use – takes the hassle out of drying hair
* Innovative design featuring a back button to secure towel in place
* Machine washable
* Lightweight