First Day of School

Ahhh! The first day of school…….

I have three boys and this year my youngest Kace 5yrs started school. Like all Mums I had mixed feelings with sending the last of my boys to school. Leading up to it I realised that my days are literally numbered, but then I also felt that twinge of elation (freedom!!) I’ll be able to get more things done! (How wrong was I?)

School Drop off:

He was great!  So happy to be going to school and wearing a uniform like his big brothers, he hardly blinked when I said goodbye.

That was it!  No clinging.  No crying.  Nothing.

The Teacher had to tell him, even persuade him to kiss his Mum goodbye.

All good, it’s easier that way I told myself.  I raced home to immerse myself in work – this website actually, the day flew by and it was pick up time already!!


Where did that time go? Why did I try to build a website in a day? I haven’t even got dinner ready!!!  I seriously need to work on time Management and what I can actually achieve in a school day (that’s another story).

Whilst driving to school I was feeling eager to pick up my youngest, thinking of how much he had missed me during the day and that he would run into my arms and we would walk to the car hand in hand talking about the great day he had.

Well this is where it gets interesting………….

Instead of lighting up the minute he saw me he just frowned and said “what about the marble run?” – The teacher kindly brought it out to appease my him.  I’m quietly thinking I need to take control (just like a bandaid) and take him, but hey it’s the first day.

A few minutes later and I am still trying to persuade my child to leave the school.  Having to have the Teacher tell him his time was up.  All I’m thinking is where did my control go?? The other two weren’t like this.

Finally we made our way out of the school. He was half walking and partly being dragged by me, whilst I was still trying to look like all was under control (very difficult manoeuvre). Just outside the school gates to my surprise and shock he tried to bite me!  This time I still try to look like I have control, when clearly I had lost it!!

We continued to wrestle down the street – at this point I am cursing about having parked so far away! It felt like miles.

Once in the car that was it full on melt down mode all the way home.  I have no idea how things could have gone so wrong.

Our second day played out not much differently.

To his credit he was happy to see me until he realised he wasn’t catching the bus.

Once again I had to drag him out of school, this time he’s yelling “don’t take me”, “leave me”.  So now I look like I’m stealing him.

It has taken over a week for him to be happy to come home.  Having to prepare him each day that I will pick him up and to be happy when he sees me.

Who would have thought??  Most Mums were dealing with the drop off dragging kids into school and here I am trying to drag mine out!!  I have already done this with two boys and only a little clinginess.

Absolutely nothing prepared me for this.  It was a timely reminder about kids and life that nothing is a given.  It isn’t always going to turn out how you expect.  In my case completely the opposite.  I am pleased to say that in conclusion to this story he is now happy to see me and has started to take the bus a few days a week.  Although the days that I pick him up, I still prepare him that I will be there and to smile when I arrive.

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