Yes there are 5 sets of motorbike gear….. I know what some of you are thinking; “Why would you start riding motorbikes?” and “Why would you let your boys ride them?”


I am fortunate that my husband actually knows motorbikes.  He can ride them. He has raced them. He can fix them.  Above all he has respect for them.

These are the lessons I want to instil in my boys.  I want them to learn about bikes the right way.

  • How to ride correctly
  • What gear they should wear
  • That they must wear all the gear every time they ride
  • Not to let their mates ride without parental consent
  • Learn to respect them as they are dangerous

Yes like all mums I worry and it freaks me out, more often than I care to admit.

So my answer to this appears to be joining them, at least I can keep an eye on them. 😉

Rob taught me how to ride when the boys were quite young and I used to just putter around the property on the Agricultural bike (quite cumbersome), however a good bike to learn on.

Last Christmas I was upgraded to a KLX150 – basically a green and black bike in my lingo.  The reason behind this upgrade, was due to the fact that our youngest Kace, who is 5 can now ride his pee wee 50 quite proficiently.  This meant that I was now left at the camping ground by myself.

Initially I enjoyed this alone time, peace and quiet, but the inactivity and feeling of being left out got the better of me.  I do have a problem with FOMO (Fear of missing out).  So I am now a member of the club.

The theory is “If I can’t beat them I may as well join them”

My elder two sons Ryan and Sean have taken it upon themselves to give me lessons.  It is strange to have them tell me what to do and realise that they actually know more than I do.

On one of my first rides it was a bit muddy and wet, so the ground was a quite slippery (well that is the story I am sticking to).  Anyhow, it was during this ride that I came off. It felt like I just dived off the bike, It was actually quite a shock, I went for quite a slide hurting my knee (the sore one) and my hands.  It is a strange feeling to hurt yourself again, especially when you know it was your own fault.

Well my heart nearly stopped as both my boys ditched their bikes and came running to my rescue.  My eldest Ryan (13yrs) actually gave me a pat down to check to see if I had injured anything – all I was thinking was “When did he learn that?” and “When did he grow up??

So far as to say I was a little shaken up and have since realised that I am not a 20 year old anymore and I need to think more on the lines of self preservation.

I have been on a couple more rides and both seem to be in muddy conditions, so I keep telling myself when the conditions are dry I’ll be a pro. 😉


I’ll keep you posted on my progress………………………..


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