We are living in a world where everything is instant and we have become creatures of the “quick fix” you can book a beauty appointment during your lunch break and walk out an hour later looking 10 years younger.  Well sorry to disappoint you, but this challenge is not like that.  I believe that your skin care regime is a bit like an exercise regime.  It takes time, commitment and persistence.  You don’t go to the gym for a week and say “I tried it for a week, it just didn’t work for me.” This is the same for you skincare. It requires patience, by giving it time you will achieve the best results and lasting results.  There will be no need to have to have follow up treatments, just a skincare regime that will nurture your skin into healing itself.

This challenge is about slowly turning back time and actually looking like the best version of YOU, whatever age that may be.   In our strive to look younger, I feel we have lost the essence of what we are trying to achieve.  This being a youthful look, which in my mind is ageless.

Your “Beauty Inside and Out Challenge” consists of only 5 products.  Four of which are to be used externally on your skin and the last product is to be taken Internally for your body, brain and beauty.

Here is a brief outline of our simple regime.  No need for a science degree to work out which goes on first.

Night Time Routine

NB: (as there isn’t a cleanser in our range I would recommend using the Garnier Micella water, it is great for cleansing the face and removing makeup).

Step 1:

Exfoliate: Exfoliating the skin has long been known as a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and soften the texture of the skin.  This particular exfoliator has no microbeads, which means it is safe for the environment and gentle on your skin.  Gentle enough to use once a day.

Directions: Use a small pea size amount and rub it into dry skin.  It will begin to ball up and you will feel the skin becoming flaky (this is your dead skin cells).  Once you have massaged your face completely, then rinse thoroughly with water.  Dry your face.

Step 2:

Eye Cream: This particular eye cream has a roller ball to apply, which means it doesn’t pull the delicate skin around the eye.  It also targets all three areas puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Directions: Roll under your eye, around the outer corners.  It is also effective around the mouth and any areas with fine lines and wrinkles.  This product contains Agirelene, which is nature’s botox.

Step 3:

Moisturiser: Perfect for all skin types and even better for sensitive skin.  Contains Hyalluronic Acid which helps to retain moisture.

Directions: You only need to use a small amount, gently massage it into your face, neck and decollatage.  Ensure to use it gently so you don’t disturb the peptides.  Let this absorb into your skin before you apply your Skincerity mask.

NB: I would initially begin with the original Skincerity mask for the first month and then rotate each month between the original and the Skincerity Renew.

Step 4:

Mask: Masks are fantastic for bringing the moisture through to the top layers of the skin, which is why they are the latest trend.  The difference with this mask is you can wear it ALL night, meaning more moisture.  Helping you to look refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

Directions: Roll the mask over your entire face, neck and decollatage (basically any skin that requires healing).  It is definitely more beneficial to do extra layers of the mask.  When you do, allow each layer to dry and tighten prior to applying the next layer (cross hatch each layer).


Morning Routine

Step 1:

Peel off your mask. This can be done leisurely whilst in bed, similar to peeling skin.  Or you can head to the bathroom and use some water, which will help to lift the mask.  Around your hairline you will find that the mask can get stuck.  It also tends to stick to areas that are the driest, this will get better over time, as your skin becomes more hydrated.

Tip: If it does get stuck around your hairline, use an old mascara wand, it helps to brush it out easily.

Step 2:

Eye Cream: Apply the eye effects the same as you did for your night time routine, ensuring not to apply over you eyelids.

Step 3:

Moisturiser: This step is optional and will really depend on how dry your skin is.  I tend to skip this during the summer months, but love it in the winter months when my skin feels drier.

Just another way to keep your skincare regime quick and easy.

Step 4:

Rejuvenating Barrier: Ensure that your moisturiser has had time to absorb first.  When applying the barrier one pump on your fingers should be sufficient.  Pat this into your skin, there is no need to rub as your skin will naturally drink it in.

Tip: This product is the perfect primer to your make up.  It is water based so leaves no oily residue.  It creates a barrier for your skin, helping to reflect artificial light (great if you work in front of a computer all day).  Basically all the good moisture that you have managed to lock in all night is now protected from the elements all.  Call it your daytime mask.

Step 5:

“The Pink Drink” – This is to be dissolved in 600ml of water and can be taken either morning or night.  I personally find that it is great in the morning especially after a morning workout.  It will give you that spring in your step.

This particular drink has five amazing ingredients (all natural) all beneficial in their own right.  The combination of these ingredients together is what gives us the major benefits.  Just some of these include and aren’t limited to:

*Defense against Telomere shortening, basically helps old cells act like new

*Reduces Cortisol – supporting a positive mood

*Fights against Collagen loss

*Supports Immune and Digestive Systems

Just to name a few, great also for those who don’t sleep well at night too.

Remember: most of the above products will last from 2-3mths with the masks and pink drink a per month purchase.

Take up the “Beauty Inside and Out Challenge” and start turning back time to a more energised and glowing YOU.

Please if you do start this challenge personal message me either through my contact page or FB messenger so I can answer any questions you may have.

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