Anna Whitsunday wedding makeup

Anna has the most amazing blue eyes!! A feature that I knew I had to enhance.  Anna was aware that her eyes could easily look too significant and wanted to make sure that I didn’t over enhance them.


We discussed her make up in depth and also what sort of look she would like to achieve.  The result was simply stunning!!  Anna was even featured on Polka Dot Bride.

Anna Whitsunday wedding makeup

I used Element 2 CB03/04 Airbrush make up, which is a silicon based make up and offers some resistance with sweat.  On her eyes I concentrated on warm natural colours on her mobile lid and kept the colours darker towards the inner corner.  Since Anna’s eyes weren’t at risk of appearing smaller, I took the opportunity to completely encircle her eyes with gel liner “Eclipse” by Youngblood.  Her eyes were also slightly wider set, so to counteract this I stayed within her eye area and blended the warmer tones in towards the inner eye.  I was also careful not to over extend her eyebrows, this also helps to balance the face depending on whether the eyes are close or wide set.



I was truly happy with our end result, which encompassed all the elements that Anna had spoken about.

Photos by Milque Films and Photography

Anna is featured on Polka Dot Bride. Read her article here.