Airbrush Makeup in the Whitsundays

Airbrush make up is ideal for Wedding makeup as it creates an even and flawless coverage, whilst still leaving the skin looking natural, making it great for hi-definition video as it doesn’t sit on the skin.

Traditionally foundation is applied using brushes or sponges. The difference with Airbrush makeup is that it is sprayed on to the skin using an airbrush. Airbrush makeup is popular in film and theater and is now becoming a popular method for application in Wedding makeup as well.


Once Airbrushed you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything, it is very light on the skin. Coverage can be as light or as heavy as you like. I generally apply it lightly at first so that you can see straight away how effective it is in smoothing out your skin tone. I also use the Airbrush to highlight and contour your face.

Airbrush make up will last longer than traditional foundation and can wear anywhere from 12-24 hours after initial application.


The brand I use is called Elementwo Canvas Blend, it is a relatively new brand to Pro airbrush makeup. I love using this formal as it is silicone based and offers a water, sweat and transfer resistant finish. I also carry Elementwo Skin Harmony, which is the water based version for more sensitive skin.