Basically this is one of those days where I am so glad that I have a schedule and I am learning not to over commit.  However, the best laid plans can certainly change, especially when kids are involved.   I have no doubt that this will resonate with a few busy mums out there.

5.20 am:  I woke with my alarm and wondered what I was thinking getting up this early.  My body was stiff and I felt that I needed another rest day.  I have been working hard at the gym and have managed to possibly push myself too hard and have a few more aches and pains than usual.  Feeling about 80 years I managed to rouse myself out of bed and start the routine of waking up and heading off to the gym at Whitsunday Martial Arts.


Thursdays are the women’s boxing class, basically these are the classes that helped me find my motivation and in turn have made me into a morning person,

something I thought would never happen.


6.00 am:  Instead of boxing I find out we are doing circuit, my whole body groans internally at the thought.  But like all things that start out a bit rough you end feeling a sense of achievement or my case beetroot red and dripping with sweat.

7.00 am:  I am back home and the mum hat is on.  I launch straight into making the school lunches, in between commands to the boys on getting ready.   My elder two boys are usually ready without too much encouragement.  The youngest (child number 3) however, being only six needs coaxing and even a little bribary.  In order to get him to actually move I have found that competing with him in tasks makes him move a lot faster.  He is already very competitive and loves to win the getting dressed race or packing his bag before I’ve finished the lunches race.  We even had to pause our race so he cold have a toilet break 😊

Whilst we are racing each other with each morning task, the older boys are attending to the pets.  We have a dog, chickens, guinea pigs ( I look after these guys), an array of Finches, Budgie and the latest addition a baby Dove (which we have been hand rearing since it fell out of it’s nest) – all of which require some sort of attention.

8.00 am:  My eldest is out the door and off to catch the bus.  I have decided to take the youngest in to school today and my second eldest also likes to come in the car when he can.  This worked especially well as he was doing a Liturgy at the other school so only meant one drop off.   My youngest was a little clingy at first dropping him in to Prep, but then once he was in he hardly said goodbye.  Feeling a bit of Mother’s guilt for not staying for the Liturgy to hear my son speak, I decided to ask when it started and for how long it would go for to see if it would work into my day.  It really didn’t, I’d have to wait around for 20 mins prior and the another 30 mins at least.  So feeling even more guilty I headed back home.

9.00 am:  I arrive back home in order to literally throw the washing on the line, pack my makeup bags and a change of clothes into the car.

9.30 am:  Ready to put my Real Estate hat on.  I was privately congratulating myself on a smooth morning and all running according to my plans. I work in the office most Thursday’s at TAYLORS Property Specialists, I absolutely love coming to the office and being part of our team.  We have truly hit the ground running this year.

12.00 pm:  I head out to my make up appointment.  As it is an Eloping Bride there is only one make up, so it fits in nicely with a day at the office.


As soon as I step through the door my Makeup Artist hat is on!!


I’m totally in the zone, I literally block everything out and time almost stands still when I’m doing makeup. I had the pleasure of making up a gorgeous Bride for her Elopement.

1.00 pm:  I finished with perfect timing.  I was on a bit of a high and the day was going pretty well I thought.


Wait hold that thought………..

As  I back out of the driveway and into a wheelie bin.


I will blame it on the light coming through the front window obscuring my rear vision camera.  The wheelie bin happened to be full of glass bottles!!!  So I then spend the next 20 minutes cleaning up the road full of glass.  I was very fortunate to have a lovely neighbour come over with a broom to help me out

1.20ish pm: Feeling rather flustered I headed back to TAYLORS Property Specialists, another quick change I regained my composure and was ready to tackle Real Estate again.  I spent the next couple of hours in uninterrupted bliss.   I have found, when managing my different hats that it is so important to just focus on the one job at hand.  I would say similar to an actor getting into character, it is easier when you are in the right surroundings.  This is why I make sure I change into uniform, it helps with my mental focus.

4.30 pm:  Time flies at the office and before I knew it, it was time for the Mum hat again.   I headed home in to pick up my eldest and youngest, in order to take my eldest to Karate and pick up the second eldest from Karate.  (you all know the afternoon sporting juggle)  So glad they are doing the same sport at the moment.

5.30 pm:  Son number 2 finishes his karate.  He somehow had managed to get a lolly pop – so you can guess where this is heading………..

Yep, the youngest starts protesting that he doesn’t have one.  Anyway, I was planning to head to the supermarket so totally broke the golden rule and said if he was good we would get him one.


What was I thinking??


As always it is never just a quick trip to the Supermarket, apart from ending up with double the shop you were intending and talking to every second person.  Then the argument over the lolly pop – he goes and grabs a giant Kinder Surprise!!!! – no way, just a Lolly Pop!!!

Trying to just take a breath and let Son number 2 do the self-service and scan all the items – as it’s fun, but takes twice as long!

By this stage it is getting late and the cracks are starting to show, you know the drill, getting a trolley full of groceries and kids to the car – basically the usual scenario.  Except it get’s worst.


The lolly pop, once opened is the wrong one



This is the first I’ve heard about getting the wrong lolly pop!!!  So he’s off on another tangent wanting another one!!!  Not over my dead body I’m thinking.

So we struggle crying and screaming all the way through the car park.  I get those knowing looks from other parents, who feel my pain and side ways glances from those who obviously have no children!!!

In the end, I end up eating the lolly pop.  I almost man handle the screaming child into the car and once strapped in I shut the door.  Phew!


I casually push the trolley back to the trolley bay,

trying to look like I have it sorted,

forgetting the fact that I am sucking a lolly pop!


Once in the car child number 2 realises he has left his shoes at karate, so off we go to get them.

6.30 pm:  We finally get home,  I begin by throwing the Chicken Schnitzels into the oven and figuring I will think of what to put them with once cooked.  All the while cursing myself for not being a foodie person, who meal plans and has a set grocery day – I will get there, maybe, that can be a goal for 2019.

Then my mobile rings and it is my eldest asking where I am, I thought he was doing a double class??  He happened to see his brother picking up his shoes and thought we were there to collect him???  So once I’ve put all the groceries in, we head out again.

7.30 pm:  We finally sit down to dinner, a little later than normal, but everyone is accounted for and they all have food.  Job done 🙂


Sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan or your schedule,

but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life would be boring without a little bit of chaos.


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